Hot student Amy Rose lets you look up her skirt at her panties

The hottest student in your class Amy Rose catches you yet again looking up her skirt at her panties. Who can blame you, she looks so hot in purple stockings and a short mini skirt. And, when she’s sitting right opposite you and playfully opening and closing her legs and you get an eyeful of her pink panties how can you not look. She’s a petite little blonde, a horny teen just 19 years old and a well known cock tease.

Lucky for you Upskirt Jerk Amy Rose is a bit of an exhibitionist and she loves watching guys jerk off so she stays behind after class and wants you you to have a good wank over her panties. You’ve always had a panty fetish ever since you first sniffed your best mates Mom’s panties and you had your first scent of cunt. You keep watching panty fetish cams at so you can’t believe your luck when a real girl actually wants you to wank over her panties.

She opens her legs as wide as she can and talks really dirty. Telling you how she masturbates every night when she goes home thinking about you wanking your hard cock. She goes on to tell you exactly how to wank it “wank it like this”, “slower”, “that’s it now squeeze the tip” and then “are you going to cum for me Sir?”. Just then you feel your shaft flex and your cum rush to the tip of your penis and start to shoot and dribble all over the class floor.

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